Reached 10k!

At 10,204 words I feel like I’m killing it even though technically for the 50k goal I’m behind. But even though I changed my personal word goal to 35k I’m still ahead. MANSAE bitches! ❤


I’m excited

For my NaNo this year I’m doing my first contemporary novel. I’m normally a fantasy/sci-fi writer and working within the realms of this Earth has been interesting. I can finally get this story out of my head. It’s been at least three years coming or more. I do miss my fantasy/sci-fi stuff and I probably won’t abandon them this month, but my focus is this novel.

For once I’m not thinking in terms of a series either. So who knows maybe I can dish out the full 50k. Right now my personal goal tracker is 25k, but I hope to break that.

You can check out my novel here:

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Happy writing ya’ll!