Book Review: “China Rich Girlfriend.”

China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians, #2)China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great sequel! Rachel’s development is great and I love how she grows and triumphs. Astrid is my favorite character and her storyline becomes really interesting. At first, I was a bit off put by Kitty’s storyline until I figured out that the title is about(spoiler) her! Though there didn’t seem to be as much of a climax as the last book, with this one being more of a rising action for the third book, it still had a lot of laughs and surprises. I really enjoyed Rachel’s relationships with her new family and loved how Nick was supportive. The writing improved and the style was easy to read. Kwan gives gorgeous details to his character’s lives and provides the scene with wit. Can’t wait to start the next book!

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Mars New Year!

Today marks Martian New Year. The length of a Mars year is almost double an Earth year. Like Earth, Mars is tilted causing seasons. Martian New Year occurs on Mars’Northern Spring Equinox. We have a video today showing the seasons on Mars. The movie combines animated images from MARCI (MArs Color Imager) – […]

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On Failing Camp NaNo…


So my word goal was 30k but I only made it to 9.5k. It’s sad but I’m glad I’ve started the story in the first place.  Until July, the next session of Camp NaNo, I’ll be focusing on world building, plot, and fleshing out characters. I use yWriter and it’s great for setting up and organizing your story. I haven’t done too much on this story on there so I’ll focus on that. Since this story doesn’t have chapters, is in the first person as log entries, has multiple POVs, and no flashbacks it’s completely different from what I usually write. But it’s proving to be really fun.


I’m enjoying writing sci-fi again even though the fantasy is always calling me. I guess I can never make either muse happy.

Nonetheless, this project is fun to work on. Wish me luck in July!



My skin-fix

Hmm something to try out…

Hello darlings!
Spring is here, and where I’m from that usually means social gatherings and family parties, which is all fun and games until you get so eager to try ERRYTHING you’ve hauled all at once, because you’re convinced your skin has superpowers and can handle it all, AT ONCE.
So right now my skin is acting up like a toddler turning two, and it ain’t pretty you guys!
Best part? Family gathering this Saturday, yay!

So obviously I would never recommend anyone ever,  to go apeshit on their skin introducing more than one product at a time, but what I do with mine, well, let’s just all take a minute and learn from my mistakes, mmmmkay?
So when I end up like this, I need to have a go to, a miracle fix to get that dewy glow just in time to look fabulous when interacting with other people…

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