Dear New Sci-fi Series,


Please don’t get too much like Old Sci-fi Series. Old Sci-fi Series has seniority over you. You need to accept that and get more creative. Also, THANK YOU FOR SPACE WHALE OMGZ YES SPACE WHALE!!!!

P.S no but seriously thank you for Space Whale. Help me with his (her?) name.




[SNS] 161223 JYJ Facebook & CJeS Instagram Updates: Q&A Event, Jaejoong is coming back! D-7! — JYJ3

Daddy’s back! And he’ll make 2017 a better year for Kpop…unless some 2016 nonsense seeps in….but he’s Hero Jaejoong so I doubt it.

JYJ Facebook Update: Love You More MV Link CJeS Naver – Jaejoong is coming back Blog Update Link Leave your questions here . CJeS Instagram Update: Sources: JYJOfficial Facebook, CJeS Instagram Shared by: JYJ3

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Key INS Update — SHINeeverybody

Seventeen and Key ❤ ughh love it.

“seven” “teen” “X- intern MC of mcountdown” “범 퇴근” “live my #loewe jeans” cr: bumkeyk

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Vyrl Update — SHINeeverybody

Because I wanted Jonghyun on my blog.


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Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.

Crazy Rich AsiansCrazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though it lacked an elegant writing style, Crazy Rich Asians was funny, thrilling, and some what suspenseful. It could have easily been a Chinese or Korean drama. The characters were at first pretty 2D and Rachel’s boyfriend Nick was too perfect. It took nearly half the book to find a character flawin him. Though character development was slow, it did progress faster towards the end. I really enjoyed the detail the author gave about how these rich people lived their lives. Everything from their fancy hand bags to debates over the best coffee (seemingly best in Australia).

The side characters give the story its charm and appeal while the main characters are relatable and easy to like given the antagonists. There are a few twists and turns in the plot, but mostly it’s hilarious fun. I haven’t had a book make me laugh in such a while. Great read and can’t wait to start the next book.

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BIGBANG Goes From One Extreme To The Next With “FXXX IT” And “Last Dance” MVs — WTK

BIGBANG has finally made their comeback! The popular boy band made their long-awaited comeback with MADE: THE FULL ALBUM. The album had two title tracks…

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Zayasaikhan Sambuu’s “Majestic Reflection.” 2009



Christmas Carol Goes Linguistic — John 20:21

Why might you like this cartoon? You might be a Charles Dickens fan You just like the drawing It’s kind of quirky… OR Is it because you appreciate the linguistic humour? If you do like it, you might also like to do what Wycliffe Bible Translators do ie linguistics – at least some of us […]

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Mandarin chinese wonders — ONE

Mandarin Chinese is usually considered difficult and exotic, and non-chinese people who speak it are still quite few. Despite being limiting in some cases, this strange language has lots of interesting features.

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Writing Rituals — Written by Ravens

When it comes to writing rituals, you’ll find many opinions; some people say it makes the writing process too formal, while others can agree that it helps one get into the right mindset. I thoroughly enjoy my own, and believe they help me very much. I’ll be sharing several ideas to get you started or inspire you […]

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