Kanji of the Day – 厚

厚 – Thickness, heavy or kind.

Kun reading: あつい



Mandarin Character of the Day 濃/浓

濃 – Traditional
浓 – Simplified

Pronounced: Nóng

Used for drinks, it is used to describe thickness/being concentrated. For colors, it’s deep/dark. Dense. For smell, strong/heavy.



Christmas Carol Goes Linguistic — John 20:21

Why might you like this cartoon? You might be a Charles Dickens fan You just like the drawing It’s kind of quirky… OR Is it because you appreciate the linguistic humour? If you do like it, you might also like to do what Wycliffe Bible Translators do ie linguistics – at least some of us […]

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Mandarin chinese wonders — ONE

Mandarin Chinese is usually considered difficult and exotic, and non-chinese people who speak it are still quite few. Despite being limiting in some cases, this strange language has lots of interesting features.

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