Hello Everyone. Biggish Announcement.



So I will be turning this blog into a Kpop blog and have decided not to air my spiritual laundry on the interwebs. I feel that I can hurt others by posting things I haven’t worked out properly. Basically, I feel that I should keep a diary :p even though I’ll get cramps from all that I have to write.

If you like Kpop, hey hey stay tuned because k-pop and other genres of music will be featured here. I write reviews for What the Kpop so that might play into this new blog too.

I’ll keep my posts up for about a week or two, but then I’ll be deleting those posts. So if there are any posts you liked/felt helped with your spiritual journey go ahead and copy it for yourself. If you’re just reading this now and it’s been three weeks after this post and there were posts that spoke to you, you can email me at makeajoyfulnoise100@gmail.com

Apologies for doing this again…October is a strange month for me. If you ever want to talk the email above is the best way, but dayhawk68@gmail.com is my other one that I check less often.


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