Korean Word of the Day – 두꺼운/두툼한

두꺼운/두툼한- To describe solid objects as thick.



What I Wrote This Week!

The maknae is the youngest member in every Kpop group! They’re spunky, cute, and adorable… or are they? If you’ve been into Kpop for a while,…

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My skin-fix

Hmm something to try out…

Hello darlings!
Spring is here, and where I’m from that usually means social gatherings and family parties, which is all fun and games until you get so eager to try ERRYTHING you’ve hauled all at once, because you’re convinced your skin has superpowers and can handle it all, AT ONCE.
So right now my skin is acting up like a toddler turning two, and it ain’t pretty you guys!
Best part? Family gathering this Saturday, yay!

So obviously I would never recommend anyone ever,  to go apeshit on their skin introducing more than one product at a time, but what I do with mine, well, let’s just all take a minute and learn from my mistakes, mmmmkay?
So when I end up like this, I need to have a go to, a miracle fix to get that dewy glow just in time to look fabulous when interacting with other people…

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Have you been looking for fresh and new looks this spring? Look no further because here at WTK, we couldn’t help but notice these idols’…

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I wrote this!

2017 has already given us some great comebacks and debuts, but what else is in store for us this year? Prepare your wallets and hearts…

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After a very successful debut, rookie girl group PRISTIN has held their first fan-meeting! On April 8th KST, the lovely girl group from Pledis Entertainment held the…

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The bus driver’s indifferent eyes The never-ending stairs, I’m walking while staring at the ground Until the jammed up highway clears up I’m looking at the color of the sky In order to hide my regret The sunset is glowing red

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It’s 2017 and most of us have returned to our regular routine after the holidays, but for much of the world their traditional New Year is yet to happen. To keep the worlds of business and finance running smoothly most countries follow what is called the Gregorian Calendar, but there are other major calendars out […]

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